3 Busy La Porchetta Mum’s: A Mother’s Day Message

The latest blog from Sara Pantaleo, CEO of La Porchetta.

With Mother’s Day coming up, I want to introduce you to three of our amazing franchisees who are also busy mums.  Being a businesswoman and a mother requires real dedication, passion and of course, fantastic organizational skills.

Mindy Mahoney and her husband Nathan own La Porchetta Colac in regional Victoria.  They have three children and the youngest two grew up with the business. Mindy says her children feel that the restaurant staff are like their extended family and they actually have an extra 27 aunties and uncles. She also jokes that sometimes it seems like she has 30 children and not three!

For Mindy, it can be challenging to balance family and work life, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.  She advises other mums doing the same to not be scared to ask for help, whether that’s in their personal or professional lives.

Vicky Vincent owns three of our New Zealand La Porchetta restaurants together with her husband, Michael.  They have two teenage boys, so Vicky’s life is very busy.  She looks after the administration of the business which means she can more easily work from home and be there for the kids. She puts in long hours, but she loves working in her own business.

Vicky says it’s important to make sure you spend time together as a family, without distractions and that’s why they all go on holiday at least once a year.

Amanda Richmond in Hobart says the best thing about being a working mum in the business she runs with her husband Luke is the flexibility it gives her.  She can attend work meetings and still do the school pickups. Her children also spend time in the restaurant and they understand that the family business is building their future.

Amanda also likes being able to spend so much of her day with her husband and she feels blessed that she can also be with her children and contribute to the family business. She highly recommends the lifestyle to any mother who wants to be a businesswoman as well.

These are just a few of the many working mums in our La Porchetta franchisee family. La Porchetta was built on family values and our commitment to providing workplaces that support women’s family life is unwavering. I think their stories are a testament to that.

I also want to acknowledge all the amazing mums who also have jobs and stay at home mums who don’t receive a wage, but work equally hard. Happy Mothers Day to mums everywhere. It’s your day and we hope it’s a wonderful one for you.