A Day To Say Thanks To Dad

The following piece has been written by La Porchetta’s CEO, Sara Pantaleo.

It’s Father’s Day on Sunday 6th September and we’re looking forward to welcoming families celebrating this very special day in our restaurants.

Our restaurateurs tell us that more and more people celebrate Father’s Day each year with family lunches or dinners and it’s great to see dads being acknowledged this way.

Fathers Day is important to me personally because we lost our Dad when I was eight years old and I have often thought about the many children who grow up the way I did, in a single parent family.  In my case, my brothers and other relatives became father figures and in that respect, I was very lucky.

Families of all configurations dine in our restaurants, including single dads caring for their kids.  Nowadays there seems to be no ‘typical’ family structure. Instead, there are countless variations and countless parents doing an amazing job under sometimes difficult circumstances.

To us, as restaurateurs, it’s most important to take care of the families who dine with us, with great meals served in a warm, family atmosphere.  I believe that’s what we do best.