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Even though my father died when I was only eight, he remains vivid in my memories. In the hallway of our Italian apartment, he played with me and my cat. When he came home from work, he lifted me onto his lap and gave me a lolly.  These tender moments and many others remain treasured, imprinted on who I am today.

Having children is the ultimate wonder in life, and being a good parent is the ultimate success. Although our Italian restaurants are renowned primarily for pizza and pasta, at the heart of our business is our passion for welcoming and celebrating the family in all its forms. Next month, on Father’s Day we will applaud the vital men who work diligently at being fathers, stepfathers, or simply father-figures in someone’s life.

Bravo to the men who love and believe in their children and support their spouses. La Porchetta was founded by two business partners who were father-figures to many people, not just their own families.  To this day, it’s our privilege to back busy fathers and their families in any practical way we can, be it with convenience (such as delivery or takeaway) or special dietary needs (such as vegan options). Good food and service are our stocks-in-trade, but the La Porchetta spirit and culture have always been about family.

Father-figures are irreplaceable, and I know I speak on behalf of all our restaurants in expressing our deepest appreciation and wishing you all a very happy Father’s Day.

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