Celebrate Australia’s cultural and culinary richness

The following piece has been written by La Porchetta’s CEO, Sara Pantaleo.

One of Australia’s defining features is its cultural diversity. As we’ve moved forward from our colonial past, we’ve become unique in the world for our cultural make-up. Our population is a blend of more than 200 countries, and this mix is reflected in the people of La Porchetta — our customers, franchisees, staff and suppliers. While we’re proud of our deep Italian heritage, we’re equally proud of the many cultures that enrich our brand.

As Australians, we recognise the value of our various migrant and indigenous populations and their wonderful contributions to our shared culture, including their culinary influences. Since La Porchetta was founded, we’ve seen this manifest in people’s embrace of traditional Italian food and in their willingness to branch out and try many other cuisines.

Recent La Porchetta menu innovations have reflected our rich Italian food history and led the way in Australian culinary innovation. Nowhere else in the world can you find a franchise menu that is deeply rooted in Italian tradition, yet distinctly contemporary and Australian in its approach to freshness, quality, health and fusion of cultures.

Sharing food with others has always been an important gateway to cultural exchange and acceptance. A lot has been said about the need for Australians to practice tolerance and acceptance, but the stories that emerge from the many people who eat and work at La Porchetta encourage us to go beyond these ideals. Tolerance and acceptance imply an effort, but our people and the way we do business encourages an effortless generosity and celebration.

Australia Day has now passed but let us continue to celebrate our cultural and culinary richness. It’s a well-worn cliché, but Australia really is the lucky country.