Much to celebrate in March!

March can be a very inspiring month, with International Women’s Day, Harmony day and of course this year, Easter begins in March as well. Regardless of your gender, ethnicity or religious convictions, there can be much to celebrate this month in our culturally diverse society.

International Women’s Day gains much media attention each year.  As a woman in business who works with many other women in business and management, I often think about the challenges of nurturing your family, working hard and then also nurturing yourself.

In my teens I was told that if I met a great man at age 18, I would get married, have possibly four children and he would look after me. That’s how most people thought then.

In my twenties, I did meet a wonderful man and I married him, however I also made a conscious decision that I would delay having children, so I could develop my career.  Both my husband and I worked full-time and I also took care of all the needs of the children and cooked six days a week. It was hard, but I did it, and at times I felt guilty that I wasn’t doing enough.
Today my husband is retired and the children are older, but many challenges remain. While we are no longer feeding babies and changing nappies, we need to provide moral and emotional support as they navigate their way through the teenage years.

It’s much the same in business. We need to look after those we work with.  At La Porchetta we strive to ensure that our work community is healthy and that our teams deal well with the daily pressures of business, while at the same time giving their families, both immediate and extended the support they need.

At La Porchetta Support Office we also like to celebrate the cultural diversity in our teams and this month, we are cooking meals for each other from our countries of origin.  I’m looking forward to trying some interesting, new flavours!

Whether or not you’re having a holiday from work over the Easter break, I hope you get to spend quality time with your loved ones and the people you most care about.  It’s a great time to celebrate family and friendship, and also to remember with gratitude those who are no longer with us.  I wish you a wonderful Easter time and if you are near a La Porchetta, check out your local to celebrate with us.