Check out our new vegan dishes

At La Porchetta we listen to what our customers are telling us and we regularly review and update our menu to meet their changing tastes.

Recently a growing number of our customers have been asking for vegan meals.  For some it’s a complete lifestyle choice, and while the number of strict vegans in our community is not large, it is growing. For others, choosing vegan options is part of their commitment to reducing their impact on the environment by eating more plant-based foods, while enjoying the benefits of increasing their vegetable intake and eating lighter meals at the same time.

Many of our franchisees have seen this trend and a couple recently introduced vegan menu items into their specials boards. Their customers loved these new dishes and they voted with their feet by coming back again and again, not only because they are delicious, but also because it meant that vegan and non-vegan family and friends could easily dine together.

The Italian experience is all about people being able to eat together, regardless of their lifestyle choices and that’s why we’ve now developed a number of new, vegan dishes for all our restaurants. We went through an exhaustive process of researching ingredients and customer responses and the result is a range of delicious vegan additions to our menu. They include many Italian favourites, such a pizzas and pastas so now vegans can enjoy these with their non-vegan friends and there is even a new, vegan dessert.

We’re delighted that our vegan customers can now enjoy a meal at La Porchetta with their non-vegan friends and family and everyone can eat together, because that’s what La Porchetta is all about.

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