Christmas and new year wishes to all

The following piece has been written by La Porchetta’s CEO, Sara Pantaleo.

The build up to Christmas is always busy and it can be easy to forget, with all those frantic preparations, the very special spirit of this time of year. Regardless of your faith, Christmas is about peace and goodwill. People from different cultures and communities join together to extend that spirit with love, kindness and a feeling of togetherness.

At La Porchetta we try to make a difference to people’s lives. It could be a welcoming smile for a customer, a small act of kindness, or supporting charitable causes as many of our restaurants do — the difference our La Porchetta community makes to people’s lives is something I cherish.

This year we have taken the newly formed Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation under our wing as the charitable organisation that we support at a corporate level. Most Australians know Moira as the wonderful humanitarian who works with children from other countries who have serious medical conditions that can’t be treated in their own homes. Now Moira has taken her work to a whole new level by caring for children who others say there is no hope for and working with women who are destitute. You can learn more about Moira’s wonderful foundation here: I feel privileged to be able to support Moira in her work.

As the world deals with challenges such as political unrest and terrorism, it’s more important than ever to celebrate our sense of community and connection. Our La Porchetta customers, franchisees and suppliers come from many cultures and backgrounds and I’m proud of the sense of community that we have built together and continue to build.

I wish you all a joyous and festive Christmas and a prosperous and happy new year.