Community is a Core Ingredient to Happiness and Success

The following piece has been written by La Porchetta’s CEO, Sara Pantaleo.

We all need to feel we are part of a community, whether it’s our family, school, work, church (or mosque or temple), sports club or any other group. Having a sense of community promotes the mental health of everyone involved, from children to the elderly.

At La Porchetta, that feeling of being a community is core to our business.  As our brand has grown, we’ve never compromised on our family values. Our franchisees are all family business people and many tell us that their staff and customers are like extended families.  I hear story after story from our franchisees about the wonderful, long-term relationships they’ve built with customers, suppliers and staff in the business.

Later this month, we will be holding our annual conference. It’s the time when most of our franchisees get together for three days sharing, learning, networking and inspiration.  This year, our theme is All the Right Ingredients and our focus will be not just on food, but on every aspect that makes a business like ours a success – and building that sense of community is a core ingredient. 

Long-lasting, positive and meaningful emotional connections are part of the fabric of a happy society.  Sometimes we take our communities for granted and it’s great to just step back, take a breath and look around us at the wonderful people we share our lives with.