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Community is central to our values and our business practices at La Porchetta. We started as a small family business back in 1985 and since then, many franchisees have joined us. All are family business people who see themselves as an integral and active part of their local community.

I love to see that community spirit in action when we all meet once a year for our annual conference.  At each conference, not only do we hear from great speakers and learn from each other, we also actively support a charity that helps children and families.

This year, our conference was held in Fiji, so we felt we wanted to help a local charity there.  The Loloma Home is a small centre where women who have suffered abuse and find themselves pregnant and alone can get shelter, learn skills and be integrated back into the community.  The home also takes care of orphans, some as young as three days old.  Loloma means ‘love” in the local language and we found a lot of that there.

We worked with the good folk at Loloma for several hours, helping to paint one of their living areas, build some cabinets and repair beds.  It was a joy to work with them and we were deeply humbled by the women and their children and touched by the passion and commitment of Adi Laite, the founder.  Our team of franchisees, supplier and support office staff were amazing. They rolled up their sleeves and worked really hard, despite the extreme heat.

I think that making a small difference in the lives of others can really help us better perform in our own.

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