"La Porchetta is a like a big, warm family that has embraced me and generously supported my work for many years. I am deeply grateful for everything they have done for the children we support. La Porchetta is now very much a part of our own family here at the Foundation."

La Porchetta has always had a strong emphasis on supporting the community. Our franchisees are involved with local organisations and the franchise as a whole has a long history of supporting charities that help disadvantaged children and families.

Giving Back

La Porchetta is proud to support the Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation that helps children, and families, both in Australia & Overseas.

Several years ago, La Porchetta CEO Sara Pantaleo met the extraordinary Melbourne-based humanitarian Moira Kelly when Rocky bought tickets for a fundraising event. At that fundraiser, she and Rocky were intensely moved by stories of the kids that Moira had helped. Rocky and Felice immediately gifted them La Porchetta food at Carlton whenever they wanted.

It was the start of something beautiful. La Porchetta held functions for the children at Moira’s farm and Rocky took the kids for rides on his Harley motorcycle. La Porchetta also ran fundraising events for Moira’s charity at their annual conference every year.