Customer Service Is About Connecting

The following piece has been written by La Porchetta’s CEO, Sara Pantaleo.

La Porchetta may be in the business of food, but nurturing good relationships is at the heart of what we do.  Good customer service is more than going through the motions of service: it’s about connecting with people and giving them a great experience beyond their expectations.

To us, good meals and good relationships are inseparable. This is why people who eat at La Porchetta are more than just ‘customers’ — we treat diners as guests in our home. And this is why we have regulars who have been coming to La Porchetta for many years and even decades.

We try to be aware of all our guests’ needs. They may be a businessperson wanting to unwind with an easy meal, or a busy mum or dad trying to meet the challenges of parenting. They may like a special secluded seat, or they may need help making small children happy. We recognise that our diners lead demanding lives and they come to La Porchetta not just for convenience, but because they know we will treat them as treasured members of the La Porchetta family.

As part of our 30-year anniversary celebrations this year, we asked people to share their La Porchetta memories with us. It was heartwarming to hear their stories. It filled me with pride when they said such things as “La Porchetta is part of our family”, and “We have been coming since our kids were little, and now they’ve grown up and bring their kids in.”

Equally heartwarming were the stories that showed our guests feel that La Porchetta is part of their story and a place where their relationships, memories and life experiences have happened, and continue to happen.

I believe excellence in customer service is about more than simply meeting customer needs. It’s about considering each diner with warmth, care and nurturing. This is what generations of regulars love about sharing a meal at La Porchetta.