Diversity is a Relationship

The following piece has been written by La Porchetta’s CEO, Sara Pantaleo.

Today is International Women’s Day and that has inspired to think about diversity generally in our workplaces today.

At La Porchetta we are proud to have so many female franchisees and we are also proud that so many of our franchisees and staff are from different parts of the globe. We are truly an equal opportunity and diverse business.

I believe that in Australia, embracing difference has been one of our great strengths. We are a proudly multi-cultural country that has welcomed people from many different cultures. Along the way, we’ve all needed to learn to understand each other and live together.

In business, difference can sometimes be a challenge. Shared values are important and when these are not there, we need to make an effort to understand how others perceive the world and then put in place training and systems to ensure that information is being interpreted in the way it’s intended. This process can put us all on a learning curve and it’s important both parties make the effort to learn.

I am a great believer in diversity, however diversity is a two-way relationship. It’s like a marriage. Both parties need to work together for the whole thing to work. Instead of focusing on our differences I believe we should embrace these and see how they can make us better at what we do. In today’s world, more than ever before, we need to embrace our diversity, make an effort to understand the other and ask those we are working with to do the same.