The Essence of Family Business

At La Porchetta our people are the core of our business.  Most of our restaurants are small, family-run enterprises and some of those families have been with us for more than 20 years, with the second generation now involved as well.

Tonia and Luigi, the owners of La Porchetta Frankston purchased their business almost 20 years ago after running a small mechanics workshop.  They were looking for a change and when their daughter, Angela took a part-time job at another La Porchetta restaurant, they decided to purchase a La Porchetta franchise for themselves.  They quickly found that that the hospitality industry was a great fit for them, because they enjoy the contact with their customers and the special relationships they’ve built.

Despite being long-term franchisees, Tonia and Luigi have adapted as times and their customers have changed.  In recent years, they’ve implemented the new technologies that enable them to meet customer demands, such as home delivery and more recently, refurbished their restaurant.  Their drive to modernise and innovate is very much a part of their pursuit of excellence in customer service.

And like many La Porchetta restaurants, Frankston is truly a family business. Angela now works fulltime with her parents, helping to manage the restaurant.

La Porchetta Frankston has become a much-loved local Italian restaurant in the area.  Many loyal customers are regulars, with some eating there up to three times a week.  Even though they don’t live locally, Tonia, Luigi and Angela and their restaurant are now very much part of the local community.