Father’s Day is a great time to say “Thank you”

In September we celebrate Father’s Day and every year at this time, I find myself reflecting on the role of our father in our lives.

I believe that what our dads want most for us is to be happy and healthy. They want us to find happiness and they want us to be content.  And when we achieve something – anything from winning at sport, good school results, or success in business – they are always so proud.

Father’s Day also makes me think about men’s health and how mental health issues can affect the men in our lives, our fathers, husbands, sons, brothers, uncles, nephews and friends. Despite the modern times we live in, many men still find it hard to tell others they are struggling emotionally or mentally. They feel they are expected to be high achievers and to be strong at all times, but life just isn’t like that.

I think Father’s Day is a great time to reach out to our fathers and to all the men in our lives and let them know we’re there for them, that we really appreciate their love and support and that everyone’s journey is different – and that’s what makes them so special.

Many people, like me, no longer have our dads with us, but most of us are lucky enough to have wonderful father figures in our lives.  Father’s Day is a great day to say thank you, we’re here for you just the way you’ve been there for us.