The purchasing of my first La Porchetta in 2008 was the realisation of a dream come true. Since the age of eleven or twelve, all I ever wanted was to own my own La Porchetta restaurant. I began working at my local restaurant at fifteen as a Pizza-boy. Within four weeks I was promoted to a Pizza/Bar manager, and my passion for La Porchetta really started to show like Napoletana sauce running through my veins... John Fkiaras – La Porchetta Traralgon
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La Porchetta TraralgonIt was hard work for someone so young, and sometimes I worked overtime and on weekends, but I was never happier.

Two years on, while my friends were organising their end of high school celebrations, I was focused on the fact that I could sign a ‘legally binding document’. That change my life forever. After going through the rigorous screening the application process La Porchetta Support Office requires, I had a meeting with the CEO, Sara. Sara did not hide the fact that my chances of approval were very slim due to my age. It took a lot of persuasion, determination and ambition to prove my abilities. Days later I was at La Porchetta’s original restaurant, training. Rocky, one of the founders of La Porchetta taught me everything I needed to know and it was the best experience of my life.

I now own two La Porchetta restaurants. One in which I have purchased and am now my own Landlord for my Traralgon (first) restaurant and employs 50–60 employees. Although it has now been over five years since I became a La Porchetta franchisee, but my passion and love for the brand has only grown stronger.

La Porchetta has been a very profitable business decision. I do sometime have to remind myself that I am only in my early twenties and that I am truly living the dream I had from the moment that I walked into my first ever La Porchetta Restaurant in 1999.

For us the decision to buy a La Porchetta was easy, because it was a trusted brand we had grown up with. We chose La Porchetta because we both ate there as kids. It was a brand we knew and loved, and when the opportunity came up to purchase a restaurant, we were keen to take it.... Stephen Montebello and Jason Krainski, La Porchetta Rosebud and Hastings
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La Porchetta Rosebud & HastingsWe were young and had no business experience, so buying a franchise was perfect for us, because it gave us a model to follow. Now we’re part of the brand, we can see that one important reason for La Porchetta’s success is the fantastic initial training and ongoing support you get from Support Office. It’s one of the great advantages of owning a La Porchetta franchise.

When you have a proven system with good policies and procedures and that’s backed by great training, you can step away and have a life work balance. And when you find that balance, you come back to work refreshed and ready to grow the business even more.