Our Community is Our Strength

The following piece has been written by La Porchetta’s CEO, Sara Pantaleo.

We held our annual conference in August, and this year, as always, it left me feeling very energised by the time we all spent together.

In a word, our Conference is about connecting with our La Porchetta Community and sharing, as well as having some fun together.

This year, the deep sense of community and mutual support that I saw at Conference reinforced for me the difference between being in a small business and owning a franchise. As a franchisee, you don’t feel alone.

Simple, unexpected and unplanned moments can illustrate this. At the end of our Gala dinner, a group of us sat outside in the warmth, enjoying some conversation. One franchisee expressed concerns about motivating his team to be consistent in the way they serve customers.  The group shared at least four different ways to induct, train, motivate and measure results with your team. Our franchisee was really excited by the ideas that were shared and ready to make changes back in his restaurant.

Each year at Conference we announce the winners of our La Porchetta awards.  These are internal awards that recognise the hard work and commitment to our brand of our outstanding franchisees. We set the bar high and our criteria are strict, including consistently upholding our brand values by always treating others with respect. Our winners and their teams should be very proud of their achievements.

In a way, Conference is a real highlight of the year for me.  I get to spend time with our La Porchetta community and I always walk away inspired.