Thank you to all our fantastic staff!

As the financial year draws to a close, I want to acknowledge one of our most precious assets: all the committed and wonderful staff who work for La Porchetta restaurants across Australia and New Zealand and those at Support Office.

Our staff are the backbone of our business.  From front of house and kitchen staff who so capably look after all our customers to those in Support Office who keep the wheels of the business turning so efficiently, all are a vital part of our La Porchetta community.

Our franchisees feel the same. They see their staff as extended family. Some staff have worked for La Porchetta for many long years, and some for their entire working lives. A few have gone on to become franchisees and nurture staff of their own.

When we look for staff, we look for people with a passion for customer service.  We support and train our franchisees and they then support and train their staff  in all the skills that are needed, but they need to bring their commitment to the job with them.

Let me tell you about just a couple of the very special people who work for us.

Arati joined La Porchetta Carlton when she came to Australia nine years ago. It was her first job and she never left because she loves working there.  She says that La Porchetta is a like a second home to her. Rocky looked after her like a father-figure and now Natalie is like a mum.  She loves meeting the regular customers, many of whom have been eating at La Porchetta Carlton since she started working there. She also feels the job has given her a great deal more than just a salary.   “I have learned so much,” she told me.  “Working here, I grow every day.”

Paris has been the pizza maker at La Porchetta Reservoir for the last five years. He had some experience when he joined the restaurant and he received further training.  When I asked him why he likes working there, his answer was simple. “The people are good and I like the family environment. It’s a good place to work.”

I am inspired by these young energetic staff and proud of the sense of community we have at La Porchetta from our franchisor team right through to our franchisee teams and staff serving our wonderful customers.