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Supporting Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation

On May 25th 2016, renowned humanitarian, Moira Kelly will launch a new foundation, the Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation. It builds on Moira’s decades of work caring for sick and needy children and their families and will provide comfort, hope, protection and safety to children and families who need it most.

Moira is renowned for her work bringing to Australia children with serious health problems that their own doctors are unable to treat. She rose to national prominence when Iraqi orphans Emmanuel and Ahmed came into her care and again, when the nation followed the marathon surgery that separated co-joined twins Krishna and Trishna and gave the girls a future.

Following the twins’ surgery, Moira stepped back from many of her previous engagements for two years to provide the intensive care that they needed.  It was a deeply transformative time that redefined for her what hope really means and as the result, she created the Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation.  She says of that experience, “Caring for Krishna and Trishna changed me. Now I just want to take on causes that are in the ‘too hard’ basket.  Where there is a little bit of hope, there is a tomorrow.  This is the next phase of my giving.”

Sara Pantaleo, La Porchetta CEO, has had a close relationship with Moira for over a decade now and is excited to announce La Porchetta’s support to the Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation. As Sara puts it,”Moira’s enthusiasm and passion are infectious.  Many of those who meet her and see the work she does just want to roll up their sleeves and help.”

Moira Kelly’s work is funded almost entirely by donations.  Her Foundation manages a home in inner suburban Melbourne where the children and families in her care are housed and provided with medical care and support.  It launches this month with a home full of residents. If you want to find out more, or to donate, please visit