The election is over and business continues

 The following piece has been written by La Porchetta’s CEO, Sara Pantaleo.

At last, after a long and drawn out election and a few days when we weren’t sure of the outcome, we have a result.  Now that we know who is in government, even though they may face challenges in the senate, we have some certainty going forward.

It’s said that we should never discuss religion or politics in public and I agree, but it seems like there was little else being talked about anywhere in our country over the last couple of months other than the election. It was a long campaign with a surprise result.

For business people stable government is important.  We need to know that the policies and legislative changes being implemented are long term so we can plan accordingly.  Governments need to simplify and remove red tape and support small business so that we can support our teams and flourish.  Small business is the heart of family business in Australia.

And the same is true for our customers.  We’re all affected in different ways by government decisions and we all want stability going forward.

Now the outcome is clear, it’s back to business for us all.  Come and join us at the table at La Porchetta.