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Growing up in the south of Italy, winters were all about making salami! We’d start by selecting the right cut of pork, helped by the local butcher, who would source from the farm to make sure the cuts were just right.

Then we’d choose the tubes, and prepare the meat with the exact amounts of seasoning. Then, it was a grand affair filling the tubes and hanging the salamis in a dry place so they didn’t dry too fast, but instead cured slowly. We’d look after these salamis like babies, checking on them constantly and cleaning the outside of the skin to stop any mould growing.

This process took time, love and patience.

My family has carried on this tradition in Australia. I just love it when my sister and our families come together to make salami; the simplicity of spending time preparing good food, and the memories of how mum brought us together doing this.

At La Porchetta we like to keep traditional alive by sharing our warm, fresh and hearty meals to feed the soul, like our minestrone soup, our original porchetta pizza, and our delicious pastas.

You can enjoy your favourite winter meals at your local La Porchetta Italian restaurant, or in the comfort of your home, by picking up or having it delivered to you.

We can all get the winter blues… but returning to some Italian traditions at this time of year, for me, means when we do the simple things together, we’re never alone.

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