We’re delighted to support the Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation

The following piece has been written by La Porchetta’s CEO, Sara Pantaleo.

I have known Moira Kelly for over a decade and it’s been my privilege over those years to support her wonderful work with very ill children who weren’t able to get help anywhere else.  Moira’s enthusiasm and passion are infectious.  Many of those who meet her and see the work she does just want to roll up their sleeves and help.

And that was exactly my experience all those years ago. My brother Rocky and I were both deeply inspired by Moira’s selflessness and dedication and we did what we could to support her.

People with a vision like Moira’s need to keep moving forward and not become stagnant and that’s why she recently launched the Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation. It will provide comfort, hope and safety to sick and needy children and families from overseas and our own community here in Australia.

I was able to help Moira undertake major renovations to the house where the children and families under her care will live and I am now delighted to chair her Foundation.

I’d like to extend a very special thank you to Chyka Keebough for recently hosting a luncheon to launch the Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation. It was a wonderful, packed-out event and a fantastic start to our fundraising efforts.

Thank you also to everyone else who helped Moira set up the Foundation and begin the next stage of her work.

I look forward to sharing some very special stories about Moira’s work on these pages in the future.

See more about Moira by clicking here.