Wishing all a joyous and peaceful Christmas

The following piece has been written by La Porchetta’s CEO, Sara Pantaleo.

I really enjoy this time of year to reflect and celebrate. One of the greatest joys of being the CEO of La Porchetta is seeing how we make a difference to people’s lives. Whether it’s simply a welcoming smile when serving a favourite meal, a small act of kindness when noticing a vulnerable customer, or whether it’s raising funds for charitable causes — the difference our La Porchetta family makes to people’s lives is something I cherish.

Since last Christmas the world has changed. We have had natural disasters, terror events and wars. In the midst of all these, it’s more important than ever to strengthen and celebrate our sense of connection, solidarity and family spirit. This is our greatest shield against life’s challenges and the problems of the world.

Whether you’re religious or not, Christmas is about peace and goodwill. For people from many cultures, it is a time to extend these things through love and togetherness. Your family might consist of blood-relatives, or it may be a community of friends and neighbours, but either way it’s a special time to come together to celebrate our connection with each other.

The La Porchetta family spans many cultures and generations, and extends from head office right across to franchisees, suppliers, staff and customers. It is so moving to reflect on the goodwill and generosity of all these people, knowing that all of us make a difference to each other’s lives. To all our family, I wish you a joyous and festive Christmas, and a strong, prosperous and happy new year.