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Your favourite La Porchetta Memories

Feeling at home every time I eat at La Porchetta. It’s like being in my nonna’s house in Italy Thank you — Laura

When i was in my early 20’s my cousins, sister and i used to go to dinner at La Porchetta and just have a laugh together, there used to always be tears of laughter while we enjoyed our food and drinks! — Sonia

Friday night, family exhausted after a big week. Up to our local La Porchetta for the most amazing meal. Everyone happy. Mission accomplished — Jonathan

My husband and I had our first date at La Porchetta. We celebrate our anniversary there every year and now we want to celebrate yours! — Sarah

I love that my daughter and I go every month on a fri night for tea. Ours is a new restaurant. — Tracey

Taking time out just my husband and i, having lunch away from a busy household. Those quiet moments eating a good meal, enjoying good company. — Wendy

When Rocky pulled put his guitar and sang to my granddaughter for her 13th Birthday — Gail

Love going to La Porchetta for family nights. we love the food and always really friendly staff. wouldn’t go anywhere else. — Stacey

When I moved to the Gold Coast 22 years ago I knew no one but La Porchetta has been my choice for celebrating milestones with new family I have chosen myself! — Faye