Felice Nania

Rocky Pantaleo

Our History

The first La Porchetta Restaurant was opened in 1985, when Italian Born Rocky Pantaleo and Felice Nania took over a run-down pizza shop in Melbourne’s Italian hub.

News of La Porchetta’s great pizza, pasta and Italian-style menu, along with its atmosphere and great value, spread rapidly and soon it be became renowned as a special place to experience good food, love and a passion for life.

With restaurants throughout Australia and New Zealand, La Porchetta today is ever vibrant and continues to be part of the local community. Just as the kitchen is the centre of Italian family life, our restaurants celebrate that feeling of being at home with delicious food made from fresh ingredients, warm service, great value and a family heart.

“The trouble with eating Italian food is that five or six days later you’re hungry again” ~ George Miller

Our Culture

In traditional Italian families, some of life’s happiest moments take place around the table. Italians understand the magic created when you mix the delights of conversation with the pleasures of beautiful food and drink.

At La Porchetta we strive to recreate this wonderful experience between our families and friends at every meal. It’s not just about the food; it’s the experience that keeps customers coming back.

Traditions provide a means to honour our ancestors. La Porchetta’s family traditions play a role in every aspect of the business: the preparation of our authentic recipes, the warm welcome shown to each customer and the respect given to every employee.

Our Promise

Our Vision is: To be the leading local Italian restaurant in Australia and New Zealand.

Our Purpose is: To consistently provide to each and every customer excellence in food, experience & service.

Our Mission is: La Porchetta is a family business which strives to deliver excellence to franchisees, customers, team members, suppliers and the environment.